Landing Valves & Inlet Breechings

Fire fighting landing valve & Fire fighting breeching inlet

• We offer fire fighting landing valve is a valve specially designed for use in fire Dry/Wet Riser systems, made of durable materials such as Bronze, Brass or Ductile Iron, and designed to withstand high pressure water flow. They have a threaded/flanged inlet for connection to a high-pressure water source, and one or more outlets for connection to hoses. The valve is usually operated by a hand wheel to open or close the valve. This allows firefighters to quickly and easily control the flow of water to the fire hose to fight fires more effectively.

• The fire fighting breeching inlet is an integral part of the fire Dry Riser system, and in the event of a fire emergency, firefighters can connect their hoses to the rear intake to enter the building's water supply and extinguish the fire. High-pressure water streams help extinguish fires faster and more effectively than using other methods.

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