China Fire 2021 in Beijing

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FIRETECH participated in the 19th the International Fire Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition (CHINA FIRE 2021), sponsored by the China Fire Protection Association held on Oct. 12-15 at At Beijing - New China International Exhibition Center. 

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CHINA FIRE is a large-scale and influential international fire equipment exhibition and technology exchange event sponsored by China Fire Protection Association. It is held every two years and has successfully held seventeen sessions so far. The exhibition is large in scale, large in the audience, high in technology, wide in coverage and large in turnover. It has received widespread attention and praise from the fire protection circles at home and abroad.

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At the our booth it was our Water Nozzle, Sprinkler(UL), Fire Hose(UL) and Fire Monitors together with other equipments, which attracted the visitors.

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We and our partners contributed largely to a successful exhibition, both in preparations and by handling visitors very professionally throughout all 4 days.


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