Jet/Spray Branchpipe, Plastic & Aluminium Jet/Spray Branchpipe, Plastic & Aluminium

FIRETECH supplies jet/spray branchpipe/nozzle that connected with fire hose to deliver water or foam to stop fire. It offers both jet and spray patterns.

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Product Description

FIRETECH hand-held branch pipe is made by combination of Aluminium and plastics. The water flow control is by means of SHUT, JET and SPRAY. The branch pipe has male instantaneous coupling inlet.


MaterialAluminium Alloy to BS1490
SizeDN50, CM, DN65
ControlBall Valve Control
InletG 2", Storz-C, BS336
Outlet9mm, 9mm, 12.5mm


  • Industrial and rural fire brigades as well as building protection.

  • For general industrial, commercial and civil engineering applications.

  • Ideal for Fire Departments and Professional Industry services.

  • Refineries, Armed Forces, Airports, Ships, Oil Rigs, Heavy Industry

  • Maintenance Instructions

  • Keep it in cover.

  • After use drain the water and disconnect from hose.

  • Every 6 months verify the lever operating & Jet/Spray


  • BSI Kitemark Certified and LPCB Approval.

  • Handheld Branch Pipes are manufactured in compliance with BS standard.

  • Body and Tip made of Aluminium.

  • Pipe material made of Polyamide.


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