Standalone Smoke Detector Standalone Smoke Detector

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Product Description


This alarm is a smoke detector of the photo cell principle. This means that the alarm checks the air for smoke resulting from fire. It does not detect heat, gas or fire. If the smoke detector is properly mounted and maintained it will sound an alarm in as early stage. In the event of a fire this can give you those extra seconds needed to vacate your home and call the fire brigade. The alarm is designec to detect smoke. It cannot prevent a fire.  It has got approved of BSI and CE.



The smoke detector works on one 9V DC battery. Normally the battery will last for at least one year under normal conditions of use. If the battery is empty or almost empty the smoke detector will indicate this with an audible “beep”. This indicator sounds continually with intervals of 30-40 seconds for at least 30 days. Replace the battey when this indicator is given. Please use 9V alkalescence DC batteries (type:6LR61) with high quality (Available from most department stores, DIY shops, electronic supply shops).Placing the battery is very simple: remove the mounting bracket on the backside and connect the battery.



Where is the best place to place the smoke detectors?


  • at least 1 in each room

  • one on each floor

  • in the hallway, in the stairway

  • in front of each bedroom door

  • in each bedroom(if you sleep with the door shut)

  • in the living room

  • in the storage room or spaces with electric equipment


The alarm may not be mounted in:

  • a room in which the temperature can reach below 4 and above 40℃

  • in damp spaces

  • just in front of doors or windows and not near a ventilator or radiator.


Do not mount the alarm in a place which is difficult to reach because of the test button, replaceable battery and maintenance. The alarm can be mounted easily. Fix the base plate using the screws supplied onto the area you have chosen. Pay attention to the following instructions and drawings. Gently tighten the alarm onto the base. Mount the alarm in the centre of the ceiling of the room.



The alarm is provided with a test button. Press this until the alarm signal sounds. The signal stops once the button is released. Test the alarm at least once per week, and certainly after replacing the battery or after cleaning, with a vacuum cleaner for example. The alarm must be vacuumed regularly to remove dust particles and to protect it as well as possible. The casing may not be opened during cleaning. If the alarm fails to operate correctly, please contact with dealer or manufacturer.


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