T Series Medium Expansion Foam Nozzle

T Series Medium Expansion Foam Nozzle T Series Medium Expansion Foam Nozzle

The T series medium expansion foam nozzle is a kind of oil fire fighting equipment.The all-metal material design can be used for a long time in harsh environments. The foam nozzle is composed of nozzle, handle, barrel,quick connect, etc., suitable for various mixing ratios, and can ensure effective spray distance. Advanced surface treatment technology ensures long-term corrosion resistance.

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  • Lightweight metal pistol grip and ball valve handle are impact resistant, non-deformable, and more resistant to high temperatures than plastic handle.

  • The nozzle body and the foam tube are made of hard anodized aluminum alloy which not only has good anti.corosion performance but also its light weight,1608M foam nozzle weighs only 4.2KG,

  • Metal screen is made of AlSl 304 stainless steel with good anti-corrosion performance,

  • Throw range: ≥7m.

  • Could be used with foam fire extinguishing devices and foam fire trucks.



Operated Pressure


Solution Flow


Expansion Ratio








1608M8480N≥30≥7600 x 280 x 2254.2
1613M8750N≥30≥7600 x 330 x 2255.2


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