Addressable Short Circuit Isolator Module 9057 Addressable Short Circuit Isolator Module 9057

SEC3002 system represents the latest generation of addressable fire alarm control panel designed to comply with the latest versions of EN standard with qualities of simple installation, operation and easy maintenance. The wide range of SEC3002 configurations include standalone operation and networking with up to twenty panels for small to large sized applications.

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Product Description

A9057T short-circuit isolator (hereinafter referred to as A9057T), mainly used to isolate a portion of a short circuit on the bus, other devices on the bus to ensure normal operation. Upon elimination of the short circuit fault, A9057T can be isolated out their own part back into the system. It is worth noting: A9057T using the bus to facilitate the determination of the location of a short circuit.


  • Semi-flush or surface mount

  • Lever reusable (non-glass break) 

  • LED indicator

  • Full soft addressing, and rewriting through CODER-9001 encoder in site. Comply with EN54-18

Technical Parameters

1.Executive Standard: EN54-17.
2.Working voltage: 24VDC (pulse modulation) loop voltage.
3.Indicator: Yellow (flashes when polling, illuminates in action.)
4.Use of the environment: Temperature: -10 ºC ~ +55 ºC, Relative humidity: ≤ 95%, non-condensing.
5.Application: Indoor use.
6.Dimensions: 86mm × 86mm × 41mm.
7.Material and color: ABS, ivory.
8.Weight: about 122g (with base).
9.Mounting hole distance:60.5mm.


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