Digital Type Linear Heat Detection System - UL/FM/ATEX Digital Type Linear Heat Detection System - UL/FM/ATEX

Compared with other kind of detectors, FIRETECH Digital Linear Heat Detector provides a very-early alarm detecting function to the protected environment, the detector can be known as an intelligent “switch” type detector. The polymers between the two conductors will break down at specific fixed temperature allowing the conductors contact, the shot circuit will intimate the alarm. The detector has a continuous sensitivity. The sensitivity of linear heat detector will not be influenced by the environment temperature changing and the length of detection cable using. It does not need to be adjusted and compensation. The detector can transfer both alarm and fault signals to control panels normally with 24VDC or without 24VDC.

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Product Description

The linear Heat Detection System Consists:

1) LHD Cable


Inter twisting two rigid metallic conductors which are covered by NTC heat sensitive material, with insulative bandage and outer jacked, here comes the Digital Type LHD Cable and the different model numbers depend on the variety of materials of outer jacket to meet different special environments.

2) Control Unit 

Technical parameters 

  • Operating Voltage: 24VDC 

  • Allowed Voltage Range: 16VDC-28VDC 

  • Operating Current : Standby Current: ≤20mA Alarm Current: ≤30mA Fault Current: ≤25mA 

  • Operating environment: Temperature:-45℃--+60℃ 

  • Relative humidity: 95% 

  • IP Rating: IP66 

  • Dimensions: 90mm×85mm×52mm(H×W×Depth) 

3) EOL Box 

Technical parameters 

  • Operating Voltage: No Electronics

  • Operating environment: Temperature:-45 ℃ --+60℃

  • Relative humidity: 95%

  • IP Rating: IP66

  • Dimensions: 90mm×85mm×52mm(H×W×Depth) 


  • Industrial safety design
  • Electrical interface with low power consumption design
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Working with 24VDC supply or without 24VDC supply
  • Fast response time
  • No alarm temperature compensation needed
  • Compatible to any kind fire alarm system
  • Alarm temperatures: 68℃,88℃,105℃,138℃,180℃


Conventional Type

This Type of LHD cable is the most widely used with strong stability

CR/OD Type 

not only has good UV resistance and good weather resistance, strongly recommended for outdoor using even under bad weather conditions, but also with high performance of acid resistant, alkali-resistant, salt spray resistant.

EP Type

Explosion Proof Type, two main application environments: harsh EMI environment and explosive hazardous environment. The outer jacket of this type is protected by woven metal mesh with good performance of anti-EMI and eliminating the surface static of the LHD cable. We can us this type LHD cable in explosive hazardous environment with safety fence. During the installation, please make grounding connection of the woven metal mesh. Used in harsh EMI environment, single end grounding connection or double ends grounding connection should be specified after analysis of the interference sources.


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