GST Fire Alarm - EN54 Addressable/Conventional system GST Fire Alarm - EN54 Addressable/Conventional system

FIRETECH provide full range of GST fire alarm products. GST is a key player in the Asia fire and security industry and a trusted provider of comprehensive fire system solutions around the world. It is a subsidiary of Carrier Global Corporation, a leading global provider of innovative HVAC, refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies. GST provides a wide range of fire products and customized fire system solutions tailored to the needs of different industries, which become an important part of Carrier’s global business. Its product lines including UL, LPCB, CE, and etc.

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EN54 Addressable System

Model NumberDescriptionApproval
Control Panel
GST200NIntelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel
1~2 Loops Solution (235~477 Loop devices)

Optional Accessories:
LC-200: Single Loop Card
P-9901A: Micro Printer
P-9905: Printer Interface
P-9930: Communication Card (RS232)
P-9930ModBus: Communication Card (ModBus)
P-9960: CAN Network Card (Class B)
P-9960A: CAN Network Card (Class A)
GST-IFP8Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel
2~8 Loops Solution (484~1936 Loop devices)

Optional Accessories:
LC-200: Dual Loop Card
P-9904: Printer Interface
P-9935: Communication Card (RS232)
P-9935ModBus: Communication Card (ModBus)
P-9965: CAN Network Card (Class B)
P-9965A: CAN Network Card (Class A)
P-9945RP: Repeater Card (RS485)
GST852RP               LCD Repeater PanelCE
GST-NRP00Network Repeater Panel (Class A/Class B optional)CE
GST8903Intelligent Graphic Repeater PanelCE
P-9902Loop Splitter
DI-9101EIntelligent Combination Heat Photoelectric Smoke DetectorLPCB
DI-9101E-BIntelligent Combination Heat Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Black ColorLPCB
DI-9102EIntelligent Photoelectric Smoke DetectorLPCB
DI-9103EIntelligent Rate of Rise and Fixed Temperature Heat DetectorLPCB
DB-01Common Detector Base for DI/DC Series detectorLPCB
DB-01-BCommon Detector Base, for DI/DC Series detector, Black color LPCB
I-9104  Intelligent Ultraviolet Flame Detector
DZ-03                   Common Detector Base for I-9104LPCB
I-9105RIntelligent Reflective Beam DetectorLPCB
RF-9105RReflector for I-9105R
I-9602LW-LPGAddressable Gas Detector for LPGCE
I-9602LW-NG     Addressable Gas Detector for Natural GasCE
I-9602LW-CG        Addressable Gas Detector for Coal GasCE
Manual Call Point
DI-9204EDigital Manual Call PointLPCB
D-92FCProtective Flip CoverLPCB
D-92WPBWater Proof Box
Sounder Strobe
I-9401NAddressable Sounder Strobe
I-9403Intelligent Sounder StrobeLPCB
I-9404Intelligent SounderLPCB
C-94DBDeep BaseLPCB
DI-9405Addressable Base Mount SounderLPCB
DI-9406Addressable Base Mount Sounder StrobeLPCB
DI-9300EDigital Single Input ModuleLPCB
DI-9301EDigital Single Input and Output ModuleLPCB
DI-9305EDigital Single Riser Output ModuleLPCB
DI-9319EDigital Zone Monitor ModuleLPCB
DC-9503EShort Circuit IsolatorLPCB
I-9300SAddressable Input Interface (Mini size)
I-9301SAddressable Output Interface (Mini size)
DI-9309Addressable Multi-Channel InterfaceCE
C-9503ELoop IsolatorLPCB
DC-9504EBase Mount Short Circuit IsolatorLPCB
C-9302Interposing Relay ModuleCE
B-9310Surface Mounting Boxes for modules
Other Equipment
I-9314 Intelligent Door Lamp
C-9314PPassive Remote IndicatorUL&CE
P-9910B                   Hand Held ProgrammerUL&CE

EN54 Conventional System

Model NumberDescriptionApproval
Control Panel
GST101Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel, 1 Zone
GST102AConventional Fire Alarm Control Panel, 2 Zones

Optional Accessories:

RB102A: Relay Board

Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel, 4 Zones

Optional Accessories:

RB104A: Relay Board

GST108A Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel, 8 Zones

Optional Accessories:

RB108A: Relay Board

GST116AConventional Fire Alarm Control Panel, 16 Zones

Optional Accessories:

RB116A Relay Board

GST-RP16Conventional Repeater Panel
DC-9101EConventional Combination Heat Photoelectric Smoke DetectorLPCB
DC-9102EConventional Photoelectric Smoke DetectorLPCB
DC-9103EConventional Rate of Rise and Fixed Temperature Heat DetectorLPCB
DB-01Common Detector BaseLPCB
DB-01DCommon Detector Base (Diode)LPCB
C-9104  Conventional Ultraviolet Flame Detector
DZ-03                   Common Detector Base for C-9104LPCB
DZ-03TThick Detector Base for C-9104
DP-9907Active End of Line Unit LPCB
C-9602LW-LPGConventional Gas Detector for LPG, 220VAC
C-9602LW-NG       Conventional Gas Detector for Natural Gas, 220VAC
C-9602LW-CG   Conventional Gas Detector for Coal Gas, 220VAC
R6601Conventional Smoke Detector, 4 -Wire
R6602Conventional Heat Detector, 4-Wire
S-9102RStand Alone Smoke Detector
S-9102NStand Alone Smoke Detector, Networktable
Manual Call Point
DC-9204EConventional Manual Call Point LPCB
Sounder Strobe
C-9401 Conventional Souder Strobe 
C-9402Conventional Base Mount Sounder 
C-9403Conventional Sounder StrobeLPCB
C-9404Conventional Sounder LPCB
GST-JLAlarm Bell
Gas Release System
GST301Extinguishing Control Panel
GST303Extinguishing Control Panel
GST306Extinguishing Control Panel
C-9317Emergency Gas Override Control 
C-9318Gas Extinguishing Warning Indicator
C-9329Gas Extinguishing Control Relay Module


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