Fire Hose Rack Assembly, American Standard Fire Hose Rack Assembly, American Standard

FIRETECH supplies the American/British fire hose rack assembly, and it is usually installed at wet or dry riser outlet in buildings.

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Product Description

American hose rack assembly is the combination of 6 components: angle hose valve, fire hose, pin rack, rack nipple, hose coupling and nozzle.

The semi-automatic swinging rack with movable pins features an automatic release mechanism for easy operation.


And it conforms to NFPA standard for Class II service, with most parts are UL Listed / FM Approved.

Angle Hose Valve1.5", brass, UL/FM2.5", brass, UL/FM
Fire Hose

1.5"x30m, white, single jacket and EPDM lining

 with NH brass couplings, UL/FM

2.5"x30m, white, single jacket and EPDM lining 

with NH brass couplings, UL/FM

Hose Rack and NippleCarbon steel hose rack, and brass nippleCarbon steel hose rack, and brass nipple
Nozzle1.5" NST brass jet/spray nozzle2.5" NST brass jet/spray nozzle


  • Hose rack frame material made of carbon steel.

  • Provides an immediate water source for fire suppression.

  • Easy individual operation.

  • Hose rack is designed to hold the hose with movable pins for easy & quick operation at the time of Emergency.

  • An automatic release mechanism allows water to flow through the hose after removal of the hose and nozzle.


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