Fire Hose Rack Assembly, British Standard Fire Hose Rack Assembly, British Standard

FIRETECH supplies the American/British fire hose rack assembly, and it is usually installed at wet or dry riser outlet in buildings.

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Product Description

Conforming to BS standard, British fire hose assembly is composed by landing valve, fire hose, hose coupling and nozzle. It is usually set indoor at each floor of buildings to provide an immediate way of controlling and suppressing incipient fire by one person.


Right angle landing valve with screwed inlet is installed on wet risers to get water supply, and it conveys water through fire hose to nozzle. Layflat fire hose and nozzle is connected by instantaneous hose coupling with handle for operator holding to extinguish the fire.

Angle Hose Valve2.5", brass, BSI/LPCB
Fire Hose

2.5"x30m, white, single jacket and EPDM lining

 with BS336 AL couplings, UL/FM

Hose Rack and NippleCarbon steel hose rack, and brass nipple
Nozzle2.5" BS336 AL jet/spray nozzle


  • Hose rack frame material made of carbon steel.

  • Provides an immediate water source for fire suppression.

  • Easy individual operation.

  • Hose rack is designed to hold the hose with movable pins for easy & quick operation at the time of Emergency.

  • An automatic release mechanism allows water to flow through the hose after removal of the hose and nozzle.


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