Fire Suppression System HFC-227ea Fire Suppression System HFC-227ea

The SP Series Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing System utilizes HFC-227ea as the extinguishing medium. HFC-227ea is a colorless, non-toxic gas perfectly suited to protect high value assets in areas that may be normally occupied, in locations where clean-up of other agents is problematic, when storage space for a fire suppression agent is restricted, or when an electrically non-conductive agent is required. Each system consists of the following components and their associated accessories:

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Product Description


  • HFC-227ea Storage Components - Storage components consist of the cylinder assembly(s),which contains the HFC-227ea chemical agent,  and the cylinder bracket(s), which holds the cylinder assembly securely in place.

  • HFC-227ea Distribution Components - Distribution components consist of the discharge nozzles used to introduce the HFC 227ea agent into a protected hazard along with the associated piping system used to connect the nozzles to the cylinder assembly.

  • Trim Components - Trim components complete the installation of the HFC-227ea system and consist of connection fittings, pressure gauge, low-pressure supervisory switch, electric valve actuator, and manual valve actuator.

  • Slave Arrangement Components - Slave arrangement components consist of the pneumatic valve actuator(s), actuation check valve, bleed valve, pilot hose, and fittings required for a multiple cylinder (slave) arrangement.,

  • Supplemental Components - Supplemental components include the discharge pressure switch and manifold check valve. They supplement the core equipment or complete a specific multi-cylinder configuration.

  • Control Panel - This device monitors the condition of the electric actuator, detectors, warming devices, cylinder pressure, and any manual release and abort stations. All electric or electronic devices must connect to the control panel in order to function.


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