Semi-rigid Reel Hose EN694 Red/Black Semi-rigid Reel Hose EN694 Red/Black

FIRETECH supplies fire hose reels as part of our effective fire fighting solutions. Every hose reel offers an immediate supply of continuous water which will allow you to combat fires quickly.

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FIRETECH semi-rigid reel hoses have passed the required EN694 industry certification, to ensure safe application and use. We export the Fire reel hose to a variety of countries in Europe where it is being used by manufacturers of firefighting equipment.


Our EN694 Fire reel hose is made of specially formulated PVC/NBR compound ensuring superb abrasions resistance, high burst pressure, wide operating temperature span and maximum anti-kinking & long lasting flexibility.


All our Fire reel Hoses are manufactured through extrusion, using in house formulated PVC compounds to guarantee quality and long term reliability.


Size: 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 33mm

Max. working pressure: 12bar

Max. burst pressure: 42bar


  • Unmatched resilience & long life span.

  • Easy to handle and reel.

  • Superb abrasion resistance.

  • Operating temperature: -20 to 60℃.

  • Suitable for harsh environments.

  • Resistant to UV-radiation.

  • Maximum kink resistance & long lasting flexibility.

  • Smooth outer layer.

  • Standard black/red color.

  • Private label options.


Working Pressure12/12/12/7bar12/12/12/7bar
Test Pressure18/18/18/10.5bar18/18/18/10.5bar
Bursting Pressure42/40/30/17.5bar42/40/30/17.5bar


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