Intelligent Addressable 1~4 loops (252~1008 points) Control Panel DT106 Intelligent Addressable 1~4 loops (252~1008 points) Control Panel DT106

The UL listed Intelligent Fire Alarm System. D-TECTRON fire alarm systems can be configured with just a few devices for small size building applications, or networked with many devices to protect a large campus or a high-rise building. Simply add additional peripheral equipment to suit the application. Our advanced technology delivers supports the installers to do complete installation easily through simple steps. The inherent fault-tolerant characteristics of Analog/Address- able Technology boosts the reliability of D-TECTRON fire alarm systems. When combined with D-TECTRON smoke and heat detectors, these systems deliver a level of reliability and dependability for both small to medium size applications.

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Product Description

The DT106 intelligent Fire Alarm Control panel offer unprecedented performance with special intelligent processing. In stand-alone or network configurations, D-TECTRON fire alarm system is ideally suited for new and retrofit commercial, institutional and industrial fire detection and notification applications. It supports 4 Addressable Loop Circuits and 1,008 addressable devices/points, 4 Notification Appliance Circuits, 5 form C dry relay contacts.

The DT106 provides one Class A or Class B intelligent device loop that supports up to 252 device addresses per SLC. Loop controller modules may be added in combination to expand total system capacity in 252-point increments to up to 1,008 device addresses. The DT106 panel includes four NACs that may be wired for either Class A or Class B operation. The panel connects with 4 remote annunciators, via CAN bus to form the fire alarm detection system.

Device Loops1 to 4 loops, Class A or B, each loop supporting up to 252 device addresses
Max. Current8.0 A DC total, 2.0 A DC each max. per circuit
Primary Power110-120 VAC, 60Hz, 3.86A max. 220-240 VAC, 50Hz, 1.96A max.
Base Panel Current Standby333 mA
Base Panel Current Alarm354 mA
Input Zones64 max.
Remote AnnunciatorMax. 84, RS-485 Class B, Data line length: 15,443 ft. (4,708 m) when using 12 AWG wiring
Operating Voltage24 VDC
Auxiliary Power Output CircuitAux power: 24VDC nominal at 500mA (standby), 1.2A (alarm)
Loop Circuit-
Loop Circuit Maximum loop resistance-
Loop circuit Maximum loop capacitanceOne programmable relay,4 non-programmable status relays Status: Alarm/Supervisory/Trouble/Monitor
Loop circuit SLC output rangeTotal of 4 circuits supported, total power available 8A, 2 Class A or 2 Class B circuits on each NOU
Loop circuit Operating current0 to 6.6 kΩ
Max. resistance between isolatorsForm C 30VDC at 2A (pf=0.35)
BatteriesForm C 30VDC at 2A (pf=0.35)
Batteries typeForm C 30VDC at 2A (pf=0.35)
Relays OutputTemperature: 0 to 49˚C (32 to 120˚F) Relative humidity: 0 to 93% non-condensing
Relays OutputAll terminals rated for 12 to 18AWG (0.75 to 2.5 mm²)
Notification Appliance Circuits20 Ω
Notification Appliance Circuits0.1 µF
Notification Appliance Circuits20.4 to 26.4Vdc. (24 V nominal)
Notification Appliance CircuitsStand by: 100 mA; Alarm: 220 mA (fully loaded loop)
Ground Fault ImpedanceLimited only by overall wire run lengths, Max. 20 Isolators per loop
Alarm Contact-
Trouble ContactForm C Contact, Contact Rating: 2A 30VDC, Power Factor Ration:0.35
Supervisory ContactMaximum Current: 2A per NAC circuit, Alarm Voltage: 24V nominal
EnvironmentalSupports one regulated 24VDC NAC, or 4 special application 24VDC NAC
Terminal RatingBell code: Temporal 3, Max line loss: 1.8V


  • Digital signal processor based design speeds installation time

  • Up to 252 device per SLC, max 4 loops with 1008 device addresses.

  • Form C contacts for alarm and trouble, Form C for supervisory

  • Easy-to-configure  rotary addressing

  • Optional Ethernet port for programming 

  • Supports horn silence over two wires, and UL 1971-compliant strobe synchronization

  • Class B or Class A wiring

  • Ground fault detection by module

  • Supports up to 4 LCD annunciators

  • Upload/Download locally

  • Alarm verification by point

  • 7" colour LCD and a resolution of 800×480

  • Standalone operation or Networkable 

  • Up to 64 Interconnected Fire Alarm Control Units


The D-TECTRON Fire Alarm System complies with the following UL Standards and NFPA 72, International Building Code (IBC), 

Fire Alarm System requirements: UL 864, 10th Edition, UL268\UL521\UL1638\UL1971\UL464\UL38 

FM Approval Ongoing

DT106 provides modular assemble style.


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