Intelligent Addressable Heat Detector DT521  Intelligent Addressable Heat Detector DT521

The UL listed Intelligent Fire Alarm System. D-TECTRON fire alarm systems can be configured with just a few devices for small size building applications, or networked with many devices to protect a large campus or a high-rise building. Simply add additional peripheral equipment to suit the application. Our advanced technology delivers supports the installers to do complete installation easily through simple steps. The inherent fault-tolerant characteristics of Analog/Address- able Technology boosts the reliability of D-TECTRON fire alarm systems. When combined with D-TECTRON smoke and heat detectors, these systems deliver a level of reliability and dependability for both small to medium size applications.

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Product Description

Heat detectors are vital for life safety, as often the heat from a fire can be detected before smoke buildup happens. This can give the few extra minutes needed to evacuate on time and save lives.
DT521 is a listed Addressable combination Rate of Rise/Fixed Temperature Heat Sensor (RHA) compatible with D-TECTRON Fire Alarm Control panel.

Nominal Voltage24VDC
Voltage Range17.6 to 28VDC
Standby Current0.1mA
Alarm Current1mA
Fixed Temperature Rating135˚F (57.2˚C)
Rate-of-Rise Detection15˚F/min. (8.3˚C/min.)
Installation Temperature32˚F to 100˚F (0˚C to 38˚C)
Operating Humidity0% to 93% RH
Diameter4.13 in. (105mm)
Height (with base)1.87 in. (47.5 mm)
Weight (with base)4.3 oz (121 g)
MountingDT500/DT501 Base
Mounting OrientationCeiling only
Spacing50 feet (15 m)


  • Fixed temperature and rate-of-rise
  • Comprehensive self-diagnostics

  • Superior performance and reliability

  • Sleek and easy for installation

  • Compatible with D-TECTRON DT106 Fire Alarm Control Panel

  • Optional remote alarm indicating LED

  • Low profile, discrete and unobtrusive

  • Designed for EMI compatibility

  • UL listed to Standard 521

  • Base and adaptor are UL 521 Listed


The D-TECTRON Fire Alarm System complies with the following UL Standards and NFPA 72, International Building Code (IBC), 

Fire Alarm System requirements: UL 864, 10th Edition, UL268\UL521\UL1638\UL1971\UL464\UL38 

FM Approval Ongoing


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