Fire Hose Coupling, Storz, Brass Fire Hose Coupling, Storz, Brass

FIRETECH couplings are suitable for use with delivery hose and for fire fighting purposes.

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Product Description

Storz couplings are also known as fire hose fittings and have an identical interlocking head. The Storz couplings are available with male and female BSP thread, serrated hose tail, and as a blank dust cap.


  • The Storz couplings are available in Aluminium and Brass.

  • Applications: Fire fighting, irrigation, powdery products, hydrocarbons.

SizeDN25, DN40, DN52, DN65
HeadStorz-D, 1-1/2"Storz, Storz-C, 2-1/2"Storz


  • Good abrasion resistant, light weight, economical cost;

  • Save time compared with flanged or threaded fittings;

  • No tools needed and make the job easy;

  • Safety sealing for fluids, powders and pellets,Light weight and durable; 

  • Could keep the transfers safe without any damage or any risks.


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